How to be more lesbian


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  1. Vudoktilar 2 years ago

    Just read that he’s been using those reference for a while and in a singular comment like this one it wasn’t all that clear. Especially when taken out of context “were the master race. you can see how some may misconstrue the word “we.”

  2. Gazragore 2 years ago

    IР’Т‘m jizzing watching this movie

  3. Gara 2 years ago

    Good point, but everybody's funny bone is a bit different. If we were all the same, we'd only need one comedian.

  4. Sazuru
    Sazuru 2 years ago

    Te mandé Kik

  5. Goramar 2 years ago

    Hey, I love your photos. I would like to share my pictures with you. ;)

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